Staying healthy and alive in real life is not so difficult. You managed up to now, so you’ll make it during Roverway 2018. Just look around you when you want to get across.

Transport in The Netherlands

More than a quarter of The Netherlands is below sea level, but that is not relevant for this topic. The Netherlands is a small and crowded country. Therefore, distances are short and the variety of travel options is huge. There are, of course, trains and buses for longer distances. In big cities you can even take a train within city limits. There are metros and trams in larger cities, there are taxis and also uber; we all ride bikes and even skateboards.

Vehicles like cars and buses drive on the right side of the road. Bicycles usually use the right side of the road as well, but they sometimes fail to do so. Trains and trams follow steel tracks. As a pedestrian, it’s best to give right of way to bigger means of transport. Use the pedestrians crossing if possible. And always stop for red lights!

Travel to The Hague

Roverway 2018 will kick off at the best location possible, the beach of Scheveningen! And Scheveningen means: sun, sand and sea. So pack your swimsuit and beach towel! Before you reach this heavenly place, travel to Houtrustweg 550 in The Hague.

Check the Travel Guide for all details.

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