What is a Path?

The real experience of Roverway 2018 comes from taking part in a Path. Together with Rovers and Rangers from across Europe, you will experience five unforgettable days scattered with campfire, laughter, fun, learning and friendships that will last forever.

The Paths are organised around specific activities. The Path’s activities can be embedded in a specific region or linked to a local scouting group. You will take part in local life, work and get to know the locals and the other Rovers and Rangers and their cultures.

The Path leaders have had the freedom to put their own interpretation into the Path they built and to show you all the different sides The Netherlands can offer you. For sure you can find a number of themes in a certain way such as: culture, nature, active and social.

During your Path you will learn that it will not only be about the activities, but also about awareness. Awareness of yourself and who you are, but also what your environment looks like. What influence you can exercise to determine your own future. You get the opportunity to learn to be open to others, how you can make a difference, how you can get involved in the world around you and how to recognize yourself.

Who does what on the Path?

Every Path is staffed by 3 to 4 Path leaders. They have worked over the past year on the programme that you are going to take part in. Some input from you is also expected. After all, Roveway isn’t only for Rovers and Rangers, but also made by Rovers and Rangers.

You are going to take care of your own experience during your Path. You will learn a lot from Dutch culture and find out how it is different from your own culture. We ask you to show your own culture and to share it with your fellow participants during your Path.

Creating bonds with the Scouts from your Path

Roverway 2018 will give you a unique opportunity to live closely with other Rovers and Rangers from across the world and get to learn about their cultures. Living together means sharing experiences and making new friends. Take the time to talk to everyone on your Path, find out their stories and share yours. Along the way you are guaranteed to find similarities and differences but all these don’t matter and you will soon become the best of friends. Remember that all your differences show that OPPOSITES ATTRACT.

Celebrate and share your country’s way of Scouting and Guiding, make sure you bring to Roverway 2018 games, songs or food that represents your country. Share these during your Path and at Zeewolde and find the similarities and differences between each other’s cultures.

Get to know the Dutch way

  • Every Path discloses a different side of Dutch culture. From history, culture and traditions to music and literature. It’s important to challenge yourself and open up; to learn and to experience.
  • People from The Netherlands are called ‘Dutch’ and that’s also the official language. The country is often called Holland, but Holland is only a province. Or, to make it more confusing, there is one province named South Holland and one named North Holland. The Hague is in “South”. Amsterdam is in “North”. Zeewolde is in neither of these, it is in Flevoland.
  • The Dutch are usually very friendly, open to diversity and are known for being direct. Salute your bus driver, find out how tall the Dutch are and be amazed by the different backgrounds the Dutch can have. The Dutch are usually good with languages. Everyone knows a little English, German, French, Spanish or Arab, but they are often less good at it than they think.
  • The orange colour derives from prince William of Orange-Nassau, who liberated the country from the Spanish royals.

Building up your Path

Roverway 2018 is a place of both cultural and social diversity. This is the reason why you will see a big variety of Paths and perhaps you can even find some with no similarities. Though every Path will show different sides of The Netherlands and its hidden figures.

The activities will represent opportunities to meet people, get involved and provide services. Through your involvement with Rovers and Rangers from different countries, you will send a strong message to everyone; a mutual support, sharing and development that knows no boundaries.

Community engagement

Roverway 2018 is not only an event with great activities; it’s also an event in which the true Scouting and Guiding spirit returns. This part of Roverway is called community engagement. This means helping someone else or learning and participating in partnership with someone else or an organisation.

Terra Nova is one of the Paths that includes a community engagement project. In the most rural part of the Netherlands, Achterhoek, where the Path is set, you are going to help out at a care farm, run by people with autism.


Co-construction is an important part of Paths. It gives you the space to contribute to the Path’s programme you joined with your patrol.

Most of the Paths will have at least one international night or a part of the day during which you can share your own culture and traditions with your Path buddies. You can show what your country and culture is like by bringing food, show us what scouting is like, play some music or show us your dance moves. It is all up to your own creativity!

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