After an amazing time during your Path, everyone will get together for the last amazing days of Roverway 2018 at Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde. As everyone will arrive at different times during this arrival, you are provided with walk-in activities. For example, you can already go sailing on the water, visit one of the foodhouses and visit the ‘Chill but Challenged’ area. In the evening we will have an Opening Ceremony on the central stage to celebrate being together again.

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Chill but challenged - 29 July until 2 August

‘Chill but Challenged’ will take place in the Central Market area. The main goal of this area is to chill, to enjoy relaxing moments with your friends from over the world. But to chill doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. “Opposites Attract” created the possibility to be relax on a sofa with a cocktail or to have access to a jam session, to play boards games, feel like child in a ball pit and during the evening to sing with friends or dance in the Silent Disco. This friendly area is opened from 9:00 to 2:00 in the morning.

Chill and Challenge your life!

Activity Fields - 30 July until 31 July

There are four activity fields at Zeewolde for the duration of two days. The development of every activity is one of our identity statements.

You will have the chance to participate on all fields. How will that work? An Activity Field is open during the morning and afternoon. For example, a participant will visit the first two fields on 30 July, and the other two fields on 31 July. Participants will be allocated to the right fields where these activities take place. The activity fields will run from 9:30 - 12:00 & 14:30 - 17:00.

Here are some examples of the activities you can find on each field:

  • Open & Water: Everything is related to being open to others: finding your opposite, building a raft together, learning Dutch, sailing and canoeing on the water.
  • Recognise & Fun: Recognising yourself is about who you are: The School of Life, an escape room and interesting lectures from speakers like a CEO, chairman or professional athlete.
  • Difference & Change: Making a difference where the activities are about: sustainability, recycling, but also everything ranging from building dykes, or preventing bullying on social media.
  • World & Harbour: This activity will be located in Zeewolde, the town closest to our event. Activities that will be done on this field are: cycling, making new land, friendship bracelets and traditional Dutch games.

Rovertopia the Life Action Game - 1 July

On 1 August all participants will engage in a spectacular Life Action Game. This role playing game will help participants, while working in teams, to learn their own strengths and working together to build their own community in real life.

Communities need to establish rules and systems to make every member of the society feel involved and support the weakest and the strongest. Communities can score credits by doing tasks, by challenging other communities and by investing time and helping others. We will celebrate like a community does and care like a community does.

But life doesn’t always run smoothly, we must be prepared to work together, to make a difference and spread the love.

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