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Opened during the day and evening, you can find five foodhouses at Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde: Swisscafé, Finnish Sauna, Schwarzhaus, Polish foodhouse and Rainbow café. Here you can find nice ways to spend your free time, but also buy foods, drinks and other first necessity products.


The Swisscafé is an all day open café and activity place. Get a sneak peak of Switzerland while tasting our specialities or take part in our group activities during break hours. We will offer you the famous Rösti, several dishes with cheese and of course all kinds of culinary experiences with chocolate. After enjoying a good meal you’ll be in the best condition for participating in our fun workshops, such wood carving or different games. Furthermore, if you are interested in getting to know new scouting experiences, come and have a chat with our friendly staf

Finnish Sauna

Put your swimsuit on and take a towel on your shoulder. You are welcome to the best Finnish Sauna experience on Roverway 2018. The Finnish Sauna is the perfect way to wash off Path dust and relax in a hot and steamy sauna. You can also take a dip in the lake too, if you feel like doing just that.


The German foodhouse welcomes you with ’Original German Gemütlichkeit’ in our large black tent construction. It’s a place to meet old and new friends and enjoy some German food and beverages. Improve your handicap at our “garden gnome golf course” during the day and relax with coffee and cake in the courtyard. Join us for music and dancing or at our campfire until late at night. We’re looking forward to welcome you at the Schwarzhaus.

Polish foodhouse

There is always something happening here. During the day we host Roverway 2018 workshops and run our own activities: something for your body, brain and soul. Each evening has different programme: table quiz, disco, sweet and BBQ night, national dances (let us know, if you want to teach your dance!). Dumplings, sausage soup, pizza bread, cookies, jelly sundaes, fudge and so many other reasons to spend some time with the Polish crew. Look for storks and you will find us!

Rainbow café

Welcome to the biggest, world Rainbow café ever at an international Scout event! The Rainbow café team promotes the importance of diversity and inclusion within the Scout movement, especially for LGBTQI+ scouts and friends, and believes it is best served with a cup of hot coffee or an ice-cold soda on the side. Everyone is welcome for a drink, snack, chat or game!

The idea for the Rainbow café was born many years ago, and you may have already seen this international team at other events. At Roverway 2018, we will be serving a mix of Rainbow-themed and Dutch snacks and drinks. During the day, you are very welcome for a refreshment and one of our fun and challenging activities, which you can play and discuss with your old and new friends. In the evening, come sparkle at our Karaoke Night, LGBTQI+ pubquiz or discussion and movie night. If you have a question or just a story you would like to share, look for our team members with a Rainbow button, they can help you out with almost anything!

Contingent tents and Pavilions

If you are a member of the following Contingents, this will be the place where you meet with the Contingent Management Team to solve your doubts, to get information or to meet with the rest of your Contingent when something special happens. Let’s go there and participate!

During the camp at Zeewolde you can find Italy and Spain in their pavilions. The purpose of the pavilions is to provide elements of programme that will help you to understand their culture. Have a walk by the exhibition of Tenda Italia and Spanish Contingent Pavilion and discover what their Rovers and Rangers have experienced in the past.

Introduction and general site rules


We have set up subcamps around the estate. When you arrive, you and the rest of your Path will be allocated to one of these subcamps. A subcamp is made up of several Paths living together side by side. There will be seven subcamps for the participants, all with really nice tulip names. IST, CMT and HoCs have their own subcamp.

At each participant subcamp, there will be a central area with tents where you can get your daily information. In these subcamp tents you can chill, play a game or charge your phone. This is also the place where you have to come and pick up the ingredients for your dinner. Each subcamp has a team to make sure everything runs well and to help you have the best experience of your stay at the subcamp.

Site rules

  • Participants have to follow the safety instructions they get when setting up tents.
  • It is not allowed to sleep in a hammock in the forest.
  • In the subcamps, it is not allowed to make a campfire on another place than the designated place for cooking. There will be campfires at the central market during the night.
  • Crossing the dyke after sunset or before sunrise is not allowed, it is unsafe to swim there.
  • Swimming is only allowed in the waters signed with a sign like this:

Swimming allowed


In your subcamp you will find everything you need for preparing the meals Zeewolde (crockery, fire pits, etc.). The ingredients for each meal will be distributed to each subcamp from the storage area.

  • Breakfast and lunch boxes will be served at the Food Distribution tents near you subcamp. Make sure you are there on time to collect the boxes with your Path buddies.
  • In order to make the most out of each day, a hot dinner will be served on the first and last day at Zeewolde.
  • On 29 July you’ll arrive at Zeewolde. Dinner will be cooked and served at 17:00 at Buitendijks near the dyke. The same system will be applied for the last day of your stay at Zeewolde.
  • During the second and the third day you’ll have to cook your dinner yourself on a campfire at the designated places. Volunteers will be there to help you with the campfire and food handout will start at 16:45. You’ll have time to cook until 20:00.
  • Please keep to the existing fire areas. Make sure you have a water source nearby and do not leave any fires unattended.
  • If you have special dietary needs, please check with your subcamp staff whether the information you provided during registration has been taken into account.


You can drink tap water in The Netherlands. If this is not possible then it will be indicated by the following sign. Water from ditches and lakes is not indicated to be used. There are also water points in each subcamp where you can find drinking water, or water to clean your dishes and doing laundry. During Roverway 2018 you will find a washroom area in your subcamp. In this area which will be shared with the other participants, there are toilets, showers and washbasins.

All of these areas will have facilities for people with reduced mobility. We advise you to take good care of yourself; take a shower, but not too long. The campsite is running a sustainable development initiative and it’s also better for the environment. Please leave the cabin clean after use.

Waste management

We separate all waste during Roverway 2018. You mustn’t throw waste away on the ground, in the forest, or bury it. For everyone’s comfort, please make sure you carefully follow the instructions for sorting and managing waste. These instructions are on display in your subcamp. The second separation is done in special installations by our supplier. There is still a further separation taking place which our waste gets a sequel.

Payment system

Roverway 2018 is a cashless camp.

A personal RFID card will be used to store your electronic tokens. This card will be handed out during registration in The Hague. This card can be used to pay your consumptions at foodhouses for instance. During every transaction with your RFID card you can see the remaining total tokens on your card.

Tokens can be loaded on your per - sonal card at self service machines, where you can use your bank card to pay for these tokens. Or you can go to the ‘bank’ where someone will help you to load tokens onto your card. At this bank it is prefer - able to pay with your bank card, or with cash, but then only Euro are accepted. A list of accepted cards will be published on the Roverway website.

You can use your RFID card on the beach in The Hague and at Scout - inglandgoed Zeewolde.

There will be no ATM at the camp - site.



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