First picket pole was placed!


Last weekend the first pole was placed at Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde! This marks the beginning of preparing the campsite to be ready for you when you come back from your Paths! Curious about the map of the campsite? We will share it with you in a few days! 



Visit of Queen Máxima and symbolic start of the Paths

Queen Maxima


Roverway2018 is very proud that Her Royal Highness Queen Máxima, patroness of Scouting Nederland will be visiting Scouting and get an introduction about Roverway2018 on 10 July.

During this visit Queen Máxima will learn about the project and will talk to several Dutch and international volunteers and see how excited they are. The Queen will also give the symbolic go-ahead for the Paths.

We will keep you informed about this visit on our Social Media.


What Path will I be in?

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You all want to know what Path you are going to follow, if you need extra equipment to bring and you might even want to know with whom you'll be spending the beautiful days during the Paths. Your Head of Contingents received the Path allocation on 6 July. Please ask them for it! Also, you can go them them with any questions you have about your allocation. Your Path leaders will soon contact you, but don't forget to ask your Patrol leader to send them an email and to join your Paths Facebook group!


Activity Fields at Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde

If you were wondering what are you going to do during your stay at Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde, we can tell you for sure that your days will be filled with a wide variety of workshops and activities.

During the first two days of the camp you will spend your time on Activity Fields, which means that  in the morning and the afternoon of 30 and 31 July you will explore the four Identity Statements of Roverway 2018 through the four Activity Fields we prepared for you:

Open and Water is “I’m open to others”. Here is your chance to experience a variety of water activities the Netherlands can offer you and to challenge yourself doing things for the first time in your life. You might meet your opposites here, perhaps even learn a bit of Dutch while sailing and canoeing on the Dutch characteristic waters.

Recognise and Fun is “I recognise myself”. Did someone just say fun? Well ... This is the place to warm up and to put some smiles on your face. Get ready for twister, inspiring and uplifting talks, and participate in activities with Dutch wooden shoes.

Difference and Change is “I can make a difference”. We often say that change starts with you and those around you and this is what we promote throughout Scouting and Rovering. Most of the time this involves trying to figure out how to live a sustainable and responsible life and this is what you’ll take back home with you. You will experience minimalistic living in a tiny house, waste that becomes art or even sustainable energy.

World and Harbour is “I’m involved in the world around me”. Here you have the time to experience the city of Zeewolde and its surroundings. We will all travel together, hiking or by bike there starting from the Main Camp. We will get to know the city and its nice beach while talking with locals or officials and share your experiences with them.

Depending on the subcamp you are living in, you will know which Activity Field is yours to explore for half a day. The activities are spread out over the day and they are built so you can join these activities by yourself, with your Patrol or with new friends you made.

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See you at Roverway 2018

The Rover Band

Scouting and music go hand-in-hand. Many campfires are accompanied by a tune on the guitar and there are quite a few songs that are only sang among Scouts. Who hasn’t walked across a camping field while all of sudden a song is set in and other voices join instantly?

Roverway 2018 wouldn’t be complete if music wasn’t available. Previous announcements about the Rover Band were about the possibility of organising a band and the possibility to audition for it. There was a lot of interest and meanwhile the Rover Band has been formed. With members from several countries their music is bound to cover musical inheritance from all over Europe and beyond.

Every Path is unique, but some are just a bit more unique than others. And one of those is the Rover Band. Unlike other Paths this one has 9 instead of 50 Rovers and Rangers and there are no patrols.

The members of the Rover Band had to sign up in October, although signing up doesn’t cover the process which they have gone through. There are 8 band members now, but there were 22 Rovers and Rangers who were seriously interested. They auditioned for a position in the band by playing, showing their talent, and write a motivation letter.

Then it was up to Marieke and Sam, the enthusiastic Path leaders, to form the band. Marieke was asked to organise a music-based Path while around the same time Sam, former Rover Band member, asked the organisation if his experience and enthusiasm towards music was would come in handy during Roverway 2018. Different backgrounds and nationalities doesn’t seem to bother this duo. It even lifts up their spirit.

Their main focus were the musical qualities, but they were looking for something more than a pretty voice or a well-constructed tune. What they kept in mind is that dynamics within the group is the base to interesting interplay. The combination of the instruments and voices should be both in harmony and challenging each other. They also agreed they would choose those that would bring something ‘extra’, to take the band to a higher level and create an own sound. Personality and character also played a role in the process; As the members will spend so much time together the group needs to feel like family, but also chemistry to keep them inventive.

roverband 2

It wasn’t an easy task as the applicants were all eager to join and all had more than sufficient musical background. But putting the band together was only half of the work. Providing feedback to those who couldn’t join the Rover Band was the other half. Sam and Marieke would love to see them improving and perhaps join the next Rover Band.

The eight Rover Band members are from Lebanon, Czech Republic, Ireland, France and Germany. There even might be a sixth nationality as Sam and Marieke are still looking for a drummer. Apart from vocals, (bass) guitarists and a pianist there will also be violinist.

Sam’s experience with the Rover Band was a big influence to the Path’s programme which is about balancing music and trips. “Music is our main focus, but you sometimes need a break from practising to find new motivation.” The biggest change to 2016 is that the band will have its own location during the Path and the members will travel to Zeewolde on the same day as the other Rovers and Rangers.

This Path covers all kinds of music and apart from playing together every day there will be master classes to improve skills and perhaps even uncover some hidden talents. The band will be staying in Soest, which is not far from beautiful nature and conveniently close to cities for some cultural experience and inspiration.

All members have influence on the band’s playlist, so they can make it something that is truly theirs. Therefore there is a limit to the amount of songs, which will still be enough to cover a night of entertainment. As Marieke and Sam put it so well: “Rather gold dust than sawdust”.

The biggest challenge for the Rover Band will be performing for all Rovers and Rangers at Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde, an exciting and nerve-wrecking moment. To make sure the performance runs smoothly the band will perform for a smaller crowd first. Which Path will be the lucky one to host this sneak preview hasn’t yet been determined. During the days at Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde there will plenty of possibilities to see them perform, in both smaller and bigger settings, so make sure you look them up.

roverband 1

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This Roverway edition
will focus on the personal
development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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