The International Scout Centre Zeewolde is located in Flevoland, the province that is surrounded by water. Spread out along the water and with its own pier it’s the perfect location to complete your Roverway adventure with a sailing experience, which we are organising for everybody. In boats especially designed for Dutch Sea Scouts you’ll find out what it’s like to fly across the water and feel the wideness with only sky above and water under you.

With the North Sea in the west, the Waddenzee in the north, dozens of lakes, canals, streams and several big rivers passing through, the Netherlands may be called a water rich country. With so much water around, about three hundred scout groups spend most of their time on and around the water. During Rowerway 2018 lelievletten will be the boats you’ll be using for your sailing experience. There might also be some lelieschouwen present for the more advanced sailers.

The first lelievlet, with its name derived from the Scout lily and designed for Scouting Nederland, was built in 1956. It’s a 6 person boat, made of steel and is used for sailing, rowing and sculling. With over 1500 boats present in the Sea scout fleet, it’s by far the most popular one. Next to sea scouts in the Netherlands, some sea scouts groups in Belgium and the National Water Activities Centre(NWAC) in Ireland use them.

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The lelieschouw is actually a Friese schouw and bigger than the lelievlet. Scouting Nederland started using them in 1949. The first 10 were made of wood, but they started using steel for them afterwards. They aren’t as easily used for rowing and sculling as lelievletten and it takes experience to keep a lelieschouw at speed, especially after changing direction.

From those first 10 wooden boats, 9 are still in use. After almost 70 years, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Next to lelieschouwen and lelievletten Sea Scouts use juniorvletten too for sailing and exploring the water, weather and nearby mainland. Younger children up to 8 years old use mainly canoes and kayaks to find their way on the water. Groups that have their own guard boat spend many of their weekly gatherings here too. Not every sea scout group has a guard ship, but there are 54 ships spread out over the country. The fleet also has about 120 tug and motorboats, which are used to get sailing boats back to shore of guide them through narrow passages.

The fleet is presented during the Vlotenschouw, which marks the end of Nawaka, the water camp that is held every four years. Boats are are decorated with lights and form a long chain, slowly gliding into dusk, spreading their light across the surrounding water.

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This Roverway edition
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development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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