Path #005: “A modern living environment”

We have travelled to Stadskantoor, in Utrecht, to meet Path #005:

Reporter: I would very much like to know what interesting activities you have been doing, and how you are enjoying Roverway 2018 so far?

Adriana from Portugal: Well today we woke up really early and I think we already walked 10km just this morning.  Our Path is really nice, we formed patrols from every country so we can socialise more. It’s really interesting for me - we have all these nationalities here and we can all learn words from their language.  I have already learnt some Spanish and Slovenian words.

Reporter: How was your day so far?

Adriana : Actually this is our first activity for today, here at the city hall, we had to use our creativity to design a street in the most efficient way.  We had to think about cars, people, bikes and how to make it suitable for all of them. The nice thing was that we could design these streets the way we would like to see them, and live with.

Reporter: What was the impact that this activity had on you?

Adriana : As we all know, the Earth is slowly dying and this activity made me think more about the different ways we can take care of it.

Reporter: Since your path leaders are Dutch, I am really curious about how you have liked the Dutch food so far?

Adriana : Yeah, we have 2 breakfasts a day, but the good thing is that we are eating lots of sweets so we have all the energy we need for the active days.  When it comes to dinner we have international food in the group which can be really interesting. Yesterday it was my turn and I cooked rojões, which they really loved!

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Path #001: Roverband

Few gours later we travelled from Utrecht to Soest, to meet the Roverband.

Reporter: I know we met before, during your rehearsals, here in the Netherlands, but how are has your time been so far, at Roverway 2018?

Participant: Yesterday we put on a show for Path #012, here in Soest, inside a barn.  It was really fun, and at the end we even played songs that they requested.

Reporter: You have been playing the guitar, and other instruments, alot in the past few days - do you still have any fingers left?

Participant: That’s a really good question actually - we had rehearsals all day long yesterday, but we enjoy these moments so much that the pain is not a problem anymore. This afternoon we are back on track, and we are doing a master class!

Reporter: What did you do for these past few days?

Participant: Yesterday we went to visit a windmill, and we were shown how the windmill works, and we did community services for the local area.  We don’t know much about the next few days - every day is a surprise!

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This Roverway edition
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development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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