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For some time the Finnish had trouble choosing between a foodhouse and a sauna, but finally the sauna won and we’re happy for it as we’ve missed one ever since Roverway in 2012.

The first plan was to get one big sauna tent, but as it turned out that was impossible as almost every Scouting group in Finland had already rented out their sauna for summer camps. The second one was building one on site until they decided to rent two saunas.

The Finnish sauna is actually two barrel saunas that are on wheels. Although they are rented here they do have Finnish stoves and are heated with local wood.

There is a reception where you get a bag for your clothes and you are guided to a changing room. So no worries you have to change into your swimsuit there. You can leave the bag with your clothes at the reception while you are enjoying the sauna. There will be separate turns for boys and girls in the mornings, but during the rest of the day boys and girls are mixed.

There is room for about four people in each sauna, so eight in total, but because there’s also a pool and not everybody will sit in the sauna at the same time, they are going to take in about 16 people at the same time.  

Of course, with the current heat, you probably don’t want to think of extra warmth in a sauna, but you will experience an extraordinary feeling when you leave the sauna and step in refreshing cool air …… or so it feels for a short while anyway.

There is the mentioning of mythical creatures that have secretly taken a little journey. Clear your schedule to experience this Finnish tradition and try to spot the sauna creatures.

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