Meet your subcamp staffist subcamp

We have two leaders looking after the IST Subcamp: Kevin and Cas. If you need assistance, speak to them - they are also part of the team of leaders looking after the IST Hangout, and are both normally available at the IST Hangout bar.  If you are struggling to find them, look for staff with straw hats and bright orange “HANGOUT” attachments on their Scout scarves.

IST Job office

The IST Job office opened early to provide people IST with general information, answer questions (about the app for planning) and appoint people to jobs. The welcoming faces of Jacquelien and Kim are remarkably fresh for the early hour. The combined knowledge on the programme and that what goes happens behind the scenes make them the perfect couple to get all IST at the right position. Committed to their job they are quick with a phone call and directions towards locations.

It was busy which was great and we’re happy to see so many IST are willing to work on things like building the Finnish sauna, putting up tents and all sorts of cleaning activities. Halfway through the morning several people already had returned, happy to do more chores around the site.

Heat plan

Due to the heat we ask you not to work between 12:00 and 14h30. You can take a jump into the lake or take a nap in the shadow, but please don’t work!

Unsung heroes: flagpoles

On the main road through the campsite a small group of IST are busy drilling holes for flagpoles. Ben, Phil and Daniel work a heavy drill up and down in the earth. Yesterday Ben was building tents, today they are digging holes. Phil was expecting the hard work, but did not realise how exhausting it would be, and Daniel was not expecting this - they’ve been given the job of a first aider “which doesn’t normally involve digging holes” - but, not needed at the medical tent today, they have come to help out.  All of them are sweating, but smiling - and this is what the Roverway 2018 Spirit is all about - they know they are making a difference!

Queing for food

Some say that queuing is an English attitude, but on the beach at The Hague and at the campsite in Zeewolde all of the IST are great queuers. Queuing for registration, for lunch or breakfast, and for the toilets and showers. Make the most of these queues - get to know your fellow IST, and meet new friends - queuing does not have to be wasted time!

To avoid more queueing for the rest of the event, we ask you to make use of the full period that the restaurant is open. Try not to come all at the same time, but spread your visit over all the hours.

Scavenger hunt at Path #055

Today we visited Path #055 in Valkenswaard, just south of Eindhoven in a beautifully situated log cabin. When we arrived, the participants had just returned from a scavenger hunt. They left with markers and had to trade them up to other products. The Rovers and Rangers came back with some very creative items such as bikes, socks, scarfs and umbrellas.

DJ Eric & Andrew at Path #002

It didn’t take long for the 102 participants, who are guests of the wooded area near Deventer, to find their way to the dance floor. The Spanish and Portuguese clearly aren’t afraid of a little dance and quickly took over the floor as soon as the first Latin tunes. The variety of songs enabled everybody to show their talents and tricks and eventually everyone had got to their feet and the chairs were empty.

Most Rovers and Rangers dressed up for the occasion and you could spot some jackets, fancy shirts and creative fashion statements. While the DJs played familiar and less well-known songs the Path leaders skillfully worked the bar and distributed bitterballen. There was enough energy to keep everyone going for a long time.

Please turn up for your job !

A lot of people are working really hard to make this event to a success! The workforce for Roverway 2018 relies on 50% IST support. Therefore, we need you to show up at your job! If you don’t show up, other people who have already worked for 8h or more, have to stay on the job. If you are not sure when you have to be where, please go to the IST Job Office to get more info and look at the app!

International evening

Join the  International evening for IST / HoC / CMT on Friday 27 July in the VIP tent / Guest Services tent.  It will be a market type showcase where all Contingents get the chance to show themselves. Have you prepared something as a Contingent ?  It will be a great evening of cultural discovery, food tasting, amazing dance and more from our 53 countries!



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This Roverway edition
will focus on the personal
development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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