In our team there are hundreds of staff members and the same number of different perspectives, all united by the same dream: Roverway 2018. Who are these people working everyday for this big event and what do they do to put this great event together? We will introduce you to a few of these Planning Team members, just to make sure you see how normal and extraordinary they are at the same time…

Caroline is one of the International Volunteers working full-time for Roverway 2018. In October she moved to the Netherlands and joined this big adventure... Most of her time was dedicated to solve problems in the Information Management team until she joined the Sustainability team. Being part of the Sustainability team started from a joke, but we all know now for sure that she is involved in this action 100%. This opportunity offered her the chance to apply the knowledge she had, but this time on a big Scouting event.

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Reporter: Who are you and what do you do apart from  Scouting?

Caro: Hi, I come from France and graduated last year. I play tennis and recently started climbing. I’m now part of a volunteering programme, spending almost one year in the Netherlands helping the Planning Team!

Reporter: Why did you choose to be a part of the Sustainability team?

Caro: I love the fact that everything can be questioned and made in a more environmentally friendly way, which is actually also often the best for people. I think we’re living very challenging times and I see Roverway 2018 as a great opportunity to share ideas and discover things that are done worldwide to make sure we leave a better world behind us. It’s important for me to contribute to a greener event and I’m happy to discover what’s usually being done in a different way, here in the Netherlands!

Reporter: How does someone recognise sustainability at Roverway 2018?

Caro: We are working to reduce the quantity of waste we will produce next summer, and to save energy and other resources. We also aim to offer challenging, funny and inspiring activities to everyone, to embrace the topic and go back home with a new motivation and new ideas. We have also already reduced our negative footprint as much as possible during Planning Team weekends: carpooling or use of public transport; separation of our garbage; being encouraged to take short showers; bringing our own tableware instead of using disposable ones.

Reporter: What is the biggest challenge in working for Sustainability?

Caro: Our team does not have any decision power, nor proper budget. Therefore, we have to give input to the other teams, offer them more eco-friendly alternatives and hope that they will implement the actions. Fortunately, the Planning Team is quite keen to act in a responsible way and we even sometimes receive some requests or questions!

Reporter: How has working for sustainability changed your life? 

Caro: I had the chance to get into contact with very inspiring people, for example from WOSM. I am full of new ideas and I have the feeling that I have a lot more to discover about sustainability, especially in  Scouting! I’m now more confident about my ability to promote sustainability, when I was only very enthusiastic before.

Reporter: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

Caro: We wrote a Sustainability Kit for Rover Reps and Contingents to give everybody involved in Roverway 2018 the tools to make their preparation meetings more sustainable and start developing the feeling that we can make a change together. We are hoping for a lot of pictures of sustainable actions from the whole world!

Reporter: If you have to name one thing that Rovers and Rangers have to take home, as a way of living, what will it be?

Caro: It’s nice to talk about inspiring things but we have to act for what we believe in. Let’s not be afraid to stand for our values and be happy this way!

Reporter: What’s your #OppositesAttract?

Caro: I love mountains but chose to spend one year in the Netherlands!

Reporter: What would life be like after Roverway?

Caro: I don’t exactly know but I want to learn things about agroecology and eco-housing. As far as Scouting is concerned, Roverway 2018 is the first international event that I’m taking an active part in… But it won’t be the last one!

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This Roverway edition
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development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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