Bringing your complete wardrobe might sound like a good idea when you realise that the weather is everything but predictable in the Netherlands. Unfortunately one of the rules is that you need to be able to carry everything yourself and how many times would you change your clothes anyway?

Around Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde there is rain on about 185 days per year. During July and August there are approximately 25 days where we have some rain. This means you can leave Roverway 2018 with either a sunstroke or with a shortage of vitamin D due to lack of sun. Of course both aren’t very likely to happen, but it shows you how unpredictable the Dutch weather can be. Even the weather forecast apps can show you a cloudburst at your location at the moment, but instead you are enjoying the sun. Apart from the unpredictable rain it can be very warm and heat waves happen regularly, especially down south.

This all affects what type of clothes to pack. What to wear is very personal and shivery persons probably need to bring more, but a few items can’t miss in every backpack.

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When it comes to clothing the magic word is …... layers!

Some of you might work with this system on a daily basis, but for those of you that don’t, here are some tips and tricks.

When you wake up in the morning and also late at night it can be a bit chilly, so you need to be prepared for that. Although the average day temperature is about 22 ℃, it can get very warm  and temperatures may rise up to 35 ℃ and your clothes have to be as comfortable as possible then too. Then think about rain and wind and the activities you have during the day.

You start with the clothes you need around noon. If you have to carry a backpack all day or you get a sunburn easily you might want to wear a T-shirt, but it’s all up to you, so don’t hold back if you feel like wearing shirt and tie or prefer wearing a sleeveless top.

Hopefully everybody can walk around in shorts all day every day, but when the weather is unstable you might want to bring zip-off trousers, so you can easily switch between shorts and trousers. We all know they can be rather unflattering, but it is just a suggestion when cold/warm legs affect your mood easily.

Apart from a T-shirt or top you can wear a jumper or a fleece jacket to keep you warm when temperatures drop. Instead of a fleece a softshell jacket is useful when light rain or wind is expected. When you go sailing you definitely have to bring a softshell or fleece as, with the chill factor, the temperature on the water can easily feel 5 degrees lower compared with the surrounding land. Your final layer will be a waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers, of which we hope it never has to leave your backpack. When you go sailing you should bring them as splashing water combined with wind can make you feel cold easily.

Apart from weather conditions you have other things to keep in mind while packing. Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, but also some Path locations are surrounded by water, which means there can be a lot of mosquitos. So even if it doesn’t cool much, you can still feel like putting on something extra like a pair of long sleeves or buttoned shirt.

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For some activities you may need specific items, but there is one you definitely need for activities on and around the water and that’s your swimsuit. Don’t leave home without it!

Next to your walking boots a pair of flip flops or sandals are very useful; in sunny weather your toes can enjoy the fresh air, in case of a monsoon it’s easier to walk wearing those than wearing heavy, soaked boots. Most camping areas during your Path and also Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde are pleasantly flat and have a lot of grass, so if you have space left a pair of trainers will be convenient around the camp and also on your city trips. Try to avoid wearing flip flops or boots while cycling, but wear trainers instead.

If you have to choose between items and you don’t know what to pack, you can always take in consideration the weight. Jeans are often heavy, take up a lot of space and don’t dry easily, so leave those at home and bring some trousers that dry easily. Something you can also leave at home is your favourite home-knitted wool jumper that is in fact 2 sizes to big. Even if it fits in your backpack, it’s heavy and won’t dry after getting wet. Around the campfire items made of synthetic materials might get damaged easily, so only bring those that you really need.

If you are still wondering if your clothes are Roverway 2018 appropriate then think about the following: If it is light-weight, doesn’t take much space, dries easily and  fits in the layer system, do you feel comfortable in it and would you wear it? If yes, then pack it. If not, then only pack when nothing better comes along and everything else is packed.

Good luck with packing!

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