Queen Maxima


Roverway2018 is very proud that Her Royal Highness Queen Máxima, patroness of Scouting Nederland will be visiting Scouting and get an introduction about Roverway2018 on 10 July.

During this visit Queen Máxima will learn about the project and will talk to several Dutch and international volunteers and see how excited they are. The Queen will also give the symbolic go-ahead for the Paths.

We will keep you informed about this visit on our Social Media.


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Opposites Attract

This Roverway edition
will focus on the personal
development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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