Communication during Roverway 2018

During Roverway 2018 there are different ways of finding out what is going on! As modern Scouts and Guides, we will try to share as much as possible with you via Social Media. We will be having live feeds on what is happening on the campsite, share videos and lots of pictures with you and we will publish articles online.

We will not only be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr, we will also publish via www., place updates in our mobile application and during your time in Zeewolde there will be a daily news bulletin for you, “Tulip news”, to be found on the news walls. If you don’t have your phone with you, you will be able to receive the most important information via the news walls. You can find the news walls all around the campsite, especially at the subcamps and Tulipa (the Main Plaza of Zeewolde).

You can download the mobile app at: Android or iPhone . Here, you will be able to find the Roverway 2018 programme, read articles and easily catch up with all the online news. We will also send you notifications about things you shouldn’t miss!

During shows and during the day, screens are used to share videos with you from activities, meetings and of course the shows itself.


Do you want to help us creating the news? Roverway 2018 is your camp and therefore, we would like to have some news created by you! If you have any news to share with us, you can drop it into the mailbox that can be found at Tulipa or share it online with us using #Roverway2018 on Social Media.

Social Media 

The Marketing and Communications team aims to provide participants with accurate and up-to-date information digitally through the web page, email newsletter and social media. Communication with the Contingents is crucial and will form an important priority.

Once participants have registered, they will become a part of the online society for Roverway 2018 where information is shared. This group also provides the opportunity for the Rovers and Rangers to get to know the other participants, jointly prepare their roles for the Life Action Game and share in the excitement and anticipation, even before the Roverway actually starts.

You can follow us already on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Join us now!

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Social Media

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Opposites Attract

This Roverway edition
will focus on the personal
development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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