The Safe within Roverway 2018 course is intended to help make Roverway 2018 an abuse-free environment. All members of IST, Path leaders, CMT and PT must complete the Safe within Roverway 2018 training prior to arrival.

EN: The Safe within Roverway 2018 course addresses the types of abuse that can occur at an event like Roverway 2018, as well as aspects of the culture of the host country. As we all know, interpersonal communication can vary from culture to culture, and we need to understand that boundaries likewise vary between cultures. As such, this Safe within Roverway 2018 online training course is intended to help all participants in understanding the international environment in which they will be staying in during Roverway 2018, as well as to familiarise them with the basics of Dutch culture and values they will need for their stay in The Netherlands.

The online training course will be available from May 2018. All members of the IST, CMT, and PT are expected to complete the course before arrival at the Roverway 2018 registration site and to present a certificate of completion upon arrival. This training must be completed before the Roverway start. For a smooth entry to the Roverway 2018, it is highly recommended that you complete the training course in advance.

Our aim is to host a fantastic Roverway 2018, providing Rovers and Rangers from all over the world with amazing experiences and memories for life. All of us, you and me included, share the responsibility of ensuring all participants can enjoy the Roverway 2018 in a safe and respectful environment.

FR: Le cours Safe within Roverway 2018  vise à offrir un environnement sans maltraitance pendant le Roverway 2018. Ainsi, tous les membres EIS, CMT et EP doivent suivre la formation avant leur arrivée pour être en mesure d’identifier les situations d’abus potentiel.

Tous les membres EIS, CMT et EP doivent compléter ce cours avant leur arrivée au Roverway 2018 et presenter le certificat lors de l’inscription, sinon ils devront la compléter sur le site. Pour une entrée en toute tranquillité au Roverway 2018, il est vivement recommandé de compléter cette formation à l’avance.

La formation comprend 9 modules, chacun présentant un thème spécifique. À la fin de chaque présentation, tu auras à répondre à quelques questions à choix multiple. La formation durera de 20 à 30 minutes et est disponible en anglais car c’est la langue commune pour tous au camp, Assure-toi de bien en comprendre les sujets et n’hésite pas à la compléter avec quelqu’un d’autre si tu as des doutes sur ta compréhension de la langue. Une fois la formation terminée, tu dois confirmer que tu as bien compris le guide de prévention de la maltraitance et que tu t’engages à respecter les précautions de la formation Safe within Roverway 2018  et l’organisation du Roverway 2018. Une fois la formation complétée, tu recevras un certificat par courrier électronique et l’équipe des Ressources humaines en sera aussi informée. N’oublie pas ta copie pour l’Inscription! À toi maintenant ! Bonne formation !

The base for the Safe within Roverway course
Safe within Roverway is a course for learning about and practicing the prevention and correct handling of various kinds of abuse. The protection of young people is an absolute priority for the Roverway 2018 . Elements of Safe within Roverway 2018 are used by at least one or both of the organisations of WOSM and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting).

WAGGGS and WOSM do not encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances during organised youth activities, such as the Roverway 2018. Any use of such substances will be handled via Dutch law. The use of tobacco is permitted in designated areas only.

Who should undergo training?
The training course is compulsory for all International Service Team (IST) members, Path leaders, Contingent Management Teams (CMT and HoC’s), and the Planning Team (PT).

How to do the training course?
The course consist of 9 modules, each module having a presentation format and covering a specific topic. At the end of each topic a small multiple choice test will appear. The course is available in English only as it is the common language of the event, and it should take about 20-30 minutes to complete entirely. Upon completion, the trainee will be asked to state that they have understood the safety requirements and will follow  the precautions outlined by the Safe within Roverway 2018 training course and the Roverway 2018 organisers. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an email that you completed the course and receive a certificate. An email will also be sent to our HR team to register your certificate.

It is now time to start the online training!

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