Roverway 2018 is an international Scouts and Guides event, where over 3000 Rovers and Rangers from all over Europe and abroad will meet. This is the opportunity for you to get in touch with other Scouts and Guides and have the Summer of your life! 

Participants at Roverway 2018 are young people aged between 16 and 22 years old (born between 3 August 1995 and 23 July 2002). Within a contingent participants are grouped in patrols. Each patrol can be assisted by one adult leader (18+) according to NSO/MO regulations. The patrol should consists of 5-8 people including their patrol leader.

Would you like to join Roverway 2018? Contact your national scout organisation or association!


Rover Representatives

We are working really hard to make Roverway 2018 a success! We will have cool activities, a splendid camping ground and our staff is just the best! These things are only moderately important however because the most important part of Roverway 2018 is YOU! We can make a programme with activities that we like and have a score of ideas about how to organise Roverway 2018. But what makes the Roverway 2018 so fantastic is that there are people coming from all over Europe to have a good time, meet others and feel connected! How can we get as many people from your country to come to the Netherlands? And what activities should we absolutely not miss in our programme? We can only make the Roverway 2018 a success with your help!

That is why we take the Rover Representatives very seriously! We would like to invite two Rovers from every contingent to become a Rover Representative of their contingent. You will be the board of experts that we can consult whenever we have any questions. But we want to take it one step further: We hope that you will tell us how to do things better even before we knew that we had to make improvements! Roverway 2018 is all you want it to be!

What’s in it for you then? You will get the chance to take a good look at how we organise Roverway 2018 and you are able to influence this process every step of the way of in the preparations as well as on the event itself. We will ask you to come over to the Netherlands for two weekends. During these weekends you will have the chance to get to know the Roverway 2018 staff, the Netherlands and most importantly each other! As a Rover Representative you will get the chance to work on your international network and to develop your own skills. Besides helping the organisation of Roverway 2018, you will also be part of your the Contingent Management Team of your NSO/MO. The cost of the Rover Representatives weekends and the cost of travel and transport to the weekend should be covered by the Contingent or Rover Representative. 

Would you like to be a Rover Representative or do you want to get more information? Ask your Contingent! 

We are looking forward to meet you all in the Netherlands!


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