Participants are the most important aspect of Roverway, but Roverway cannot do without an incredible International Service Team! With our expected 3000 participants, Roverway 2018 needs a lot of members for our International Service Team (IST). IST members are welcome from 22 years and over (born on or before 3 August 1995)

Roverway will offer ISTs a varied programme which will consist of doing services, training, fun activities and spare time. Before Roverway, ISTs will be asked what kind of jobs they prefer to perform during Roverway. In planning the IST jobs, IST preferences will 

be taken into account as much as possible. Jobs will be equally divided among ISTs and no IST job will require more than 8 hours a day. When an IST member is not working, they can

spend their time in different ways. First of all we will organise activities for ISTs during the Path phase as well as during main camp. Examples of activities are a daytrip to a Dutch city, sailing on the water or evening activities at the campfire place. Secondly, ISTs will get the opportunity to follow some training courses either in developing a skill or to learn from each other’s cultures. And last, but not least, there will be a IST district with their own foodhouse to make new friends and meet up with each other. 

Just as it is for participants, Roverway will be an incredible international experience for ISTs in making new friends, getting to know other cultures and have a great time together!

Getting excited? Please refer to your national Scouting or Guiding organisation and see if you already registered a contingent and how to join! 

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