Many international volunteers will make a difference in the Roverway 2018 experience. These members of the International Service Team (IST) do lots of work. But that’s not only what being an IST is about. With all your skills, life experience and effort you can achieve a lot this during this event: a motivator, problem solver, example to others, a colleague or friend. Next to the task every IST gets, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop, to make friends, to be of service to others.

We hope and expect you to have a great Roverway 2018. Never forget that the task you get, is the start of your contribution and the way to meet others and develop yourself.

Your support from the IST Job Centre

Many international volunteers will make a difference in the Roverway 2018 experience. These members of the International Service Team (IST) do lots of work. But that’s not only what being an IST is about. With all your skills, life experience and effort you can achieve a lot this during this event: a motivator, problem solver, example to others, a colleague and friend. Next to the task every IST gets, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop, to make friends, to be of service to others.

We hope and expect you to have a great Roverway 2018. Never forget that the task you get, is the start of your contribution and the way to meet others and develop yourself.

During the Roverway 2018 we will try to give you as much digital information as possible and also we will try to be as paperless as possible. In this case, during your visit at the IST Job Centre, you will have access to Wi-Fi. To see what your tasks are for the day, you can use ‘Scout-tool’. In combination with your unique QRcode, you can read what you’ll be doing that day on that website.

Make sure you bring your smartphone with you and install a QR-reader already back home. Also bring your wires to charge your phone, we will help you with that. We might also send you a message by when some last minute tasks need to be done. So it’s convenient to always have your phone with you. No smartphone? Then ask another IST member to read your QR-code to find out what your tasks are. If you need your schedule on paper, come in to the IST-Job office and ask the IST coordinators to help you with a copy.

Every day from 25 July till 1 August there will be a meeting for IST at the IST Hangout from 17:00 till 17:30. We’ll bring you the latest news and updates on who is needed at some specific tasks. If you’re not able to make it to this meeting due to the tasks you’re planned to do, the information that needs to be shared can be found at the messageboard in the Job Centre and in your subcamp. It will also be published on the special Facebook group for IST, so you can find it anytime you need it.

If you have any question regarding the tasks you’re working on, need advice or help, please come in to the IST Job Centre. We would love to help you!

Working environment

Every task, job or role in Roverway 2018 is different from you are used to. Working in an international workforce, that only exists for 11 days, is spectacular. To see what comes out of all our talents together is amazing! Here are some things to consider to make it a success.

  • Be flexible. Things might change and extra help might be needed, even at short notice. Try to do your best and help out whenever you’re needed.
  • You might work for eight hours a day. Prepare yourself for that and make the most out of the time that’s left. Besides sleeping and resting
  • If you’re having a hard time, please share it, so we can help you. Consider going to the ‘Take care tent’ or to someone who you are comfortable to talk to.
  • To have the best time, being on time helps to all have a great start of every day and every task.

Working in an international environment

In our guidelines from “Safe within Roverway 2018”, the online training that all the IST have to follow, you have had the chance to find information on how to work in an international workforce.

Social or cultural differences 

With so many people from so many countries, there are bound to be differences in values, beliefs, opinions and actions. How we behave is affected by where we are from and what we are used to. To meet each other in curiosity helps to bridge cultural differences. Talk and ask, delay your judgement. You might get to know the world a little better by doing so.


You can probably think of at least one stereotype for people from a particular country. If you are willing to see the uniqueness in every person from that country, a more indepth point of view might enter your heart. How many stereotypes can you dismantle in your head during Roverway 2018?

Racism, bullying and insensitivity

Any negative remarks or behaviour based on race, nationality, religion, gender etc. will not be tolerated. Enjoy and respect the diversity of language, culture, traditions and nationalities. If you feel a victim of this, please contact your supervisor, Team leader or someone working in the IST job office!

Communication and language

Not everybody speaks your language. Because so many speak another language a lot of activity takes place in all of our brains at the same time, constantly translating and trying to comprehend what is said, replying and then getting to action. Please adjust your speaking rate to those listening to you. Try to use easy language and phrases. And if words don’t work, be creative!

In the “Safe within Roverway 2018”, a lot of cultural differences are described. It’s good to know that people from The Netherlands can be ‘short and direct’ in their communication. We love to work hard and sometimes we don’t say much more than needed. Being on time or even early is also a part of Dutch culture. It would be appreciated if you could adopt this cultural behaviour during Roverway 2018, it helps us all to get the best and most out of Roverway 2018.

Take care of yourself

The experience of Roverway brings energy, but also takes energy. Please take care of yourself during the event in all possible ways.


As you will be working, dirt and sweating happen. Please, take care of your personal hygiene. There will be facilities to wash your hands properly near all toilets. At the IST subcamp, there will be showers.

Resting and Sleep

Working as a member of IST is an intense experience. A lot of work needs to be done and working with many new people is demanded. Try to understand each other and expect to find different ‘language skills’ than you already have. When there is no work, there is so much going on you can join. Keep in your mind that you are in a camp that lasts 11 days. Being tired doesn’t help you to get the most out of Roverway 2018. Take into account how much sleep you need to function at a happy level, not only for yourself, but also for the ones you work with. Besides sleep you also might need time just for yourself, like reading a book, go for a swim, meditate or take a nap.

Take your time when you’re not on the job! If you want to be somewhere with people around you, grab a drink at the IST Bar and enjoy the IST Lounge or the ‘Chill but Challenged’ area which will be opened from 29 July till 2 August.

Working shifts and irregular working hours

Some of the IST members might work during the evening or night. Shifts will be made in such a way that you can enjoy the Roverway 2018 vibe, not only at these nightly hours. Please respect each other’s need for sleep at all times and avoid making noise in the IST subcamp, especially for those working late or during the night. Show consideration to those who need to rest.

Eating & Drinking

Proper meals will be provided for all IST, Planning Team and Contingent Management Team members at the restaurant. These meals will be balanced and give you the energy you need. Especially when it’s hot, stay hydrated and keep drinking liquids.

Drinking water is available from all taps and can be found all over the campsite. If you’re looking for something else to drink, the IST Bar and foodhouses will be happy to serve you a drink and a snack. Coffee and tea will be provided from early in the morning until 21:00 at the restaurant.

Your health

If you require specific help, please contact First Aid. During this time of the year, there might be some mosquitoes and other insects, like ticks. Use insect repellent at the start of the evening starts if you don’t want to be stung. If you find a tick on your body, please have it removed at First Aid as soon as possible

Core teams

As IST members you’ll be working in teams. Some of you will work in permanent team with Planning Team members. Some of you will be in small patrols and working in different teams every day. Besides it’s easier to get the job done, your team is also the group in which we hope you’ll find your ‘home’ during these days. Take care of each other, so if someone from your team it not happy, ask if there is anything you can do. If you start work and you miss someone from your team, please check this out.

IST members might be working with the teams mentioned below. It might happen that you work in one team the entire time or are active in a couple of teams. Here is a brief description of what every team does:

Program Opposites: During the time at Zeewolde this team will take care of the complete package of entertainment during Roverway 2018. Not only during the day, but also at the ‘Chill but Challenged’ area and also after midnight. IST help to get everybody involved and give everybody a great time.

Program Attract: Never joined a Life Action Game? Here’s you chance! On 1 August this team will provide the action. IST assist the teams that are joining. Besides this, a Faith & Religion team will provide space for religious meetings. The foodhouses are also part of this team and Childcare will also be provided during the event. A team with a high variety of tasks.

Paths: The team that transforms the first part of Roverway 2018 into an amazing adventure. They provide Paths for all participants and some IST might join to make them even a bigger success.

Food: Having great fun doesn’t come without great food. At Zeewolde food will be provided to all participants, who will make the regular meals themselves. Those who support will have dinner in our restaurant, where three meals a day will be provided. Of course this all needs to be distributed and cooked, so IST will participate in this will distribute energy to all.

Services: A shower, running water, lights, power and tents, all things that we expect there to be, but all these things have to be set up, built up and connected. This team manages to get these facilities ready for all participants. IST who serve this team will work with a hands-on mentality to get it all ready in time. From Logistics to Pioneering, from Stage building to plumping, from First Aid to Safety.

Marketing & Communications: This team will let you and others hear what great things are happening during Roverway 2018! They spread the stories that you’re building, not only for the Rovers and Rangers participating, but all over Europe and beyond.

Finance: If you want a drink or to buy a souvenir, money is involved. This team will provide you with the card you use to buy the things you need during the event. In the background they might be working on the budget, in our ‘banks’ you can upload your Roverway account for your drinks, snacks and of course the beautiful souvenirs

International Relations: This team is the connection between Roverway 2018 and the attending Contingents. They are also responsible for hosting for the VIPs during the event and providing them with a true Roverway 2018 experience.

Information Management: Planning such an event is all about bringing lots of information together. This team provides the data to make it all work. If you’re registered, they were the ones involved.

Human Resources: Get everybody at the right spot to challenge their talents? That’s the goal of this team! Tasks and talents are connected at the IST Job Centre.

IST Subcamp and IST Hangout

IST sleep at a special area at the campsite. Besides all sanitary facilities like showers and toilets, there is nothing much there, just for you to sleep or take a nap.

The IST Hangout however is the place to be if you want to relax with others. There you can find the IST Bar, picnic tables all around, a campfire pit, a stage and all kinds activities to have some fun during your spare time. The people from the IST Hangout arranged a lot of games and fun just for you. This area is only for IST, CMT and PT.

In Zeewolde you can join all the other activities of course, like having a drink in one of the foodhouses or hang out in the ‘Chill but challenged’ area. Here, ScoutShop will be open, not only for participants, but also for you to bring home some souvenirs.

Participants are the most important aspect of Roverway, but Roverway cannot do without an incredible International Service Team! With our expected 3000 participants, Roverway 2018 needs a lot of members for our International Service Team (IST). IST members are welcome from 22 years and over (born on or before 3 August 1995)

Roverway will offer ISTs a varied programme which will consist of doing services, training, fun activities and spare time. Before Roverway, ISTs will be asked what kind of jobs they prefer to perform during Roverway. In planning the IST jobs, IST preferences will be taken into account as much as possible. Jobs will be equally divided among ISTs and no IST job will require more than 8 hours a day. When an IST member is not working, they can spend their time in different ways. First of all we will organise activities for ISTs during the Path phase as well as during main camp. Examples of activities are a daytrip to a Dutch city, sailing on the water or evening activities at the campfire place. Secondly, ISTs will get the opportunity to follow some training courses either in developing a skill or to learn from each other’s cultures. And last, but not least, there will be a IST district with their own foodhouse to make new friends and meet up with each other. 

Just as it is for participants, Roverway will be an incredible international experience for ISTs in making new friends, getting to know other cultures and have a great time together!

Getting excited? Please refer to your national Scouting or Guiding organisation and see if you already registered a contingent and how to join! 

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