Any successful camp needs a set of ‘rules of the game’ that allows everyone to have fun while respecting each other. Above all, the first thing we must respect is the law of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Next to that, Roverway 2018 has its own set of camp rules so everyone can enjoy their time here. Each Path will also establish its own ‘rules of the game’ that will set out how you will live together with your international friends. The original conditions and camp rules as published on the Roverway 2018 website.


  • The Roverway 2018 campsite, both the beach in The Hague and Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, will be closed and entrance will be regulated.
  • Participants must wear their neckerchief and their identification badge at all time so we can spot intruders easily.
  • Participants need to wear their Scout or Guide uniform during all official ceremonies.
  • When away from the campsite, participants should be able to identify themselves. Always have your passport or ID card with you.
  • Participants should follow the rules about campfires, swimming, knives, sound systems, etc.
  • Participants must act according to announcements and directions made by Roverway 2018 Planning Team members.

Unacceptable behaviour

  • The possession, consumption or sale of alcohol and drugs during Roverway 2018 is forbidden.
  • Smoking is only permitted in designated areas during free time.
  • Only businesses authorised by the Roverway 2018 directors will be permitted.
  • Respecting the environment
  • Fires are only permitted in designated sites and must be put out if not supervised.
  • To protect the environment, instructions given at each campsite must be followed.
  • Silence is requested in sleeping areas between 23.00 and 07.00.

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Respect others

  • The Roverway 2018 organisation aims to treat everybody equally and with respect. Therefore violence, disrespect, discrimination and other excessive behavior against others will not be tolerated and can result in elimination from Roverway 2018 at your own cost and without refund.
  • Theft and damage to property will be dealt with according to Dutch law.
  • Sexual activity is not part of Roverway 2018 as well as sexual activity between participants and non-participants is prohibited. Please respect the privacy of others.
  • Please respect everyone’s personal space and cultural sensitivities.
  • Participants are responsible for personal belongings.


Roverway 2018 is held in a time in which privacy gets a lot of attention. Both the Dutch government and the European Parliament accepted new privacy laws. As this is new territory for events like Roverway 2018, much care and attention has been put into this subject. A privacy impact analysis was done resulting in an Privacy policy that can be downloaded from the Roverway 2018 website. Planning Team and Path leaders have been briefed on the specifics of the policy and the impact while organizing the Roverway 2018. More details can be found in the Privacy policy itself.

If rules are not respected, the Roverway 2018 Project Directors can take disciplinary action. Participants are responsible for any costs incurred due to disciplinary action. No refund will be made.

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