In the summer of 2018, from 23 July to 2 August, Scouting Nederland organises the 2018 edition of the Roverway. This will be a challenging international Rover and Ranger event for European guides and scouts between the ages of 16 to 22. This event is organised by the European Scout Region of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

About 3,000 Rovers and Rangers will participate in the Roverway, coming from over twenty countries. The participants will be divided into international teams, with whom they will participate in the Path of their choice. These Paths are located throughout the Netherlands. After the Path, the participants travel to International Scout and Guide Centre Zeewolde where the central camp will take place for another few days. During the Roverway, youth from all over Europe come into contact with each other and develop both themselves and others. In August 2016, the Roverway took place in France. Earlier editions were in Finland, Iceland, Italy and Portugal. Scouting Nederland expects that their organisation of the Roverway will provide a new impulse for Scouting and Rovers and Rangers especially in the Netherlands.



Challenging Scout Summer

The summer of 2018 promises to be a summer full of Scouting and Guiding events: both the Roverway and the biggest waterscout event of Europe, Nawaka, take place at the International Scout and Guide Centre Zeewolde. There will be a strong cooperation between the events. One of these cooperations is seen in the goal of Roverway to have every participant sail the Dutch waters at least once during the event.


The Roverway bid: Opposites Attract

To bring the Roverway to the Netherlands, Scouting Nederland collected a large team of volunteers to compile the bid document, in which the plans for Roverway have been loosely described. To get an idea of Scouting Nederland’s plans for the Roverway 2018, take a look at the video below!



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Opposites Attract

This Roverway edition
will focus on the personal
development of the participating Rovers and Rangers as part of their role in society. The Roverway will provide the environment in which Rovers and Rangers can interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. This exchange of experiences will be encouraged through the three educational objectives, which all centralize around society and intercultural learning.  


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