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Roverway 2018 Opening Ceremony takes place on Scheveningen beach, The Hague, Netherlands.
Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort, with a long beach, an espalade, a pier and a lighthuse.
There are many ways to get there, but we advise you to use public transport.

Choose your transportation methos and plan your trip.

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   Houtrustweg 550, 2583 WB
    Den Haag / Scheveningen

 had finished setting up the livestream. The webcam will archive all positions in a frequency of 5 minutes.



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  • Dutch music

    When you think about Dutch music you might think about accordions, draaiorgels and other instruments that go well with the typically Dutch klompendans: dancing on wooden shoes. Although you can still find draaiorgels in cities with lots of tourists, the Dutch associate accordions with everything but Dutch music and when you turn on the radio you don’t hear that much Dutch anyway. And when it comes to a klompendans; hardly anyone has wooden shoes these day, and those who have them don’t use...

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  • Programme at Roverway 2018

    If you were wondering what are you going to do during your stay at Roverway 2018, we can tell you for sure that your days will be filled with a wide variety of activities. Prepare yourself for a first fun and full day in The Hague and on the beach of Scheveningen!  The Beach: Spread out over the beach, you can find several activities, which will vary in intensity. You will have time to enjoy volleyball fields, frisbee activities and a sand castle competition. Crazy 88: Crazy88 means carrying out as...

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  • Interview: Caroline from Sustainability team

    In our team there are hundreds of staff members and the same number of different perspectives, all united by the same dream: Roverway 2018. Who are these people working everyday for this big event and what do they do to put this great event together? We will introduce you to a few of these Planning Team members, just to make sure you see how normal and extraordinary they are at the same time… Caroline is one of the International Volunteers working full-time for Roverway 2018. In October she...

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  • What to wear during Roverway 2018?

    Bringing your complete wardrobe might sound like a good idea when you realise that the weather is everything but predictable in the Netherlands. Unfortunately one of the rules is that you need to be able to carry everything yourself and how many times would you change your clothes anyway? Around Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde there is rain on about 185 days per year. During July and August there are approximately 25 days where we have some rain. This means you can leave Roverway 2018 with either a...

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  • Explore the campsites of Roverway 2018

    Are you wondering how the sites in The Hague and Zeewolde will look like? Here you can find the map of both locations so that you can learn them by heart and won’t get lost. Of course, the map of Zeewolde will be handed out during the camp with some important information for you on the back. Map of The Hague   Map of the main camp in Zeewolde

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  • TULIP INFO - Your guide to Roverway 2018

    We are happy to present you the Tulip Info - Your guide to Roverway 2018! Tulip Info contains as much information as you could possibly need for Roverway 2018 in one single document. The document is devided in two big parts, one for participants and another one for IST. Here you can find the maps of the camp areas in The Hague and Zeewolde, important rules, travel tips, programme details and many, many more.  Explore the document, discuss it with your Patrol and use it to prepare for Roverway...

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  • Queen Máxima present at kick-off Roverway 2018

    Young Scouts and Guides organise themselves the biggest international camp in the Netherlands. Her Majesty Queen Máxima visited Scoutinggroep Hubertus Brandaan in Voorburg on Tuesday 10 July 2018 for the kick-off of Roverway 2018, an international event for Rovers and Rangers between 16 and 22 years old from all over Europe and beyond, which is organised once every three years. Roverway 2018 is organised by a group of young people and is the biggest international camp in The Netherlands. Queen...

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  • First picket pole was placed!

      Last weekend the first pole was placed at Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde! This marks the beginning of preparing the campsite to be ready for you when you come back from your Paths! Curious about the map of the campsite? We will share it with you in a few days!         

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